Out of the shadows - where have I been?

It has been about 5 months or so since I last posted and I'm slightly ashamed. Towards the end of last year I made a promise to myself that I would start to post more regularly, clear my head on my thoughts and share any adventures we have as a family on here. No matter how small. That promise I made was broken.
December 16, my workload got less and I started to feel that I could get into a routine of work, college and blogging. How wrong was I? The saying about "Don't take on too much" - well I completely ignored it. Last year when I applied for college, my intentions were to continue my study by going to university. My local uni is a mere 30 min drive and so I took on the challenge of learning to drive (how late am I?) I have always wanted to learn but never had the determination or felt ready until last June.. September began and so did my course. At first all was fine and the workload wasn't a lot but then it began building up along with planning for my day job (nursery work), observations and folder completion I was chewing off more than I could handle. So like I said when it began dying down I thought I could get back into a schedule and do what I love.

From not so ordinary to ordinary | Ordinary moments

Not every week but every so often I am going to be joining in with Katie who blogs here for ordinary moments. I like the concept and the idea behind it and will try and get involved as much as I can.

When you have children all you wish is for them to be healthy and happy and grow as they should. What happens if suddenly your child stops growing? Well, Kels has always been on par with her peers in her development, reaching her milestones as and when she should and blending in with those her age. Wher as Kai was a bit behind at reaching his milestones. He began to roll at sound 8 months old and only sat up on his own at 10 and a half months. He wasn't walking until 17 months and his speaking didn't start until just before he turned 3.

Our Christmas 2016

Over a week since Christmas ended and I am not ready to say goodbye. We already have our toes firmly into the new year. I wanted to get this up before our heels dig even deeper into the new year. Christmas was extra special this year. It was our last one of proper calmness before a hectic schedule gets underway. College, work, hospital - our life just got busier.

Welcome 2017 | A New Year

Another year has finished and a new one has just begun. The very first day of a new chapter in each and everyone's life. Looking back on 2016 seems to be such a big whirlwind and a little flash, the year started on such a positive note until Kai was admitted to hospital. Since then we've had umpteen amount of hospital appointments, scans and tests. You name it, it's happened. The end of the year saw Kai receiving a diagnosis and our last hospital trip was for an MRI. I know it is not the end but only the beginning of a long journey ahead but his diagnosis is treatable. That is the positive.
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