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Not every week but every so often I am going to be joining in with Katie who blogs here for ordinary moments. I like the concept and the idea behind it and will try and get involved as much as I can.

When you have children all you wish is for them to be healthy and happy and grow as they should. What happens if suddenly your child stops growing? Well, Kels has always been on par with her peers in her development, reaching her milestones as and when she should and blending in with those her age. Wher as Kai was a bit behind at reaching his milestones. He began to roll at sound 8 months old and only sat up on his own at 10 and a half months. He wasn't walking until 17 months and his speaking didn't start until just before he turned 3.

Our Christmas 2016

Over a week since Christmas ended and I am not ready to say goodbye. We already have our toes firmly into the new year. I wanted to get this up before our heels dig even deeper into the new year. Christmas was extra special this year. It was our last one of proper calmness before a hectic schedule gets underway. College, work, hospital - our life just got busier.

Welcome 2017 | A New Year

Another year has finished and a new one has just begun. The very first day of a new chapter in each and everyone's life. Looking back on 2016 seems to be such a big whirlwind and a little flash, the year started on such a positive note until Kai was admitted to hospital. Since then we've had umpteen amount of hospital appointments, scans and tests. You name it, it's happened. The end of the year saw Kai receiving a diagnosis and our last hospital trip was for an MRI. I know it is not the end but only the beginning of a long journey ahead but his diagnosis is treatable. That is the positive.

Turning 8 | Kels Birthday

8 is the number of years since I first became a mum. It is also the age my daughter is now. Just the other week we celebrated Kels 8th birthday, I couldn't quite believe that she was already a whole year older. Time keeps slipping, I'm loosing my grasp and both of my babies are no longer the age I can snuggle - although they do cuddle me that bit longer and allow me to sleep until I get up which is always a bonus each year they grow older. However, it just means 2 more years before she reaches double digits, and then a few years later I won't have a child but a teenager *shocked emoji face would be inserted right now*! I knew eventually the day would come but seriously time if your listening slow the f**k down, I can't keep up.

That said we had a wonderful day. Took a trip to soft play, which I believe Kels may be outgrowing although did not stop me from having a go on the slide, climbing around like a little child and almost breaking something because it is not suitable for heavy adults. Lol! After burning some energy we had a visit from the in-laws and although I wanted a family meal (just us 4) they tagged along and we ended the evening watching fireworks and eating cake. Yum. Brief but sweet.

To quote my daughter "Best birthday ever" and her excitement at receiving her toys is just priceless. Next present giving day is Christmas - I can't wait..

Enough rambling, I've put together a video of our day (not use to speaking yet) it is up on my YouTube channel and as much as I'd hate to ask please subscribe. I'm loving our new journey into recording our adventures and memories. Click here to watch.
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